24.03. - 21.04.2012

Flying Pigs takes away the safety net for the workaholic (...) a downhill slide that is choreographed with great virtuosity.

Yet again, ‘Flying Pigs’ has achieved one of those performances which, at breathtaking speed, storms the barricades of our welfare state sandcastles.
Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld

Powerful satire on modern man’s dream of success (...) an incredible performance. Frightening and funny (...) absolutely eminent as a piece of dramatic craftsmanship.
Jyllands Posten

The performance ‘Darkness’ really screws up the collective dream of the age of the autonomous, self-controlling individual. Vibrant and extremely interactive scenography. Tue Biering is sure and imaginative in his stage direction, which uses a cinematic stage idiom.

‘Darkness’ hits the mark so precisely that as an onlooker one feels the nausea of stress at one’s throat.
Thomas Corneliussen is a magical performer (...) this lonely super-stress man is so devil-may-care that one chuckles with glee. But one shudders too. That is what is so fascinating.



A free-rein nightmare about being pulled over onto the reverse side of reality

The performance DARKNESS was an existential thriller, its point of departure being the metaphysically and religiously based self-help philosophies that tells us we ourselves attract what we deep down are thinking.

Those suffering from stress and hooked on work have been told for years that they themselves possessed the key to their own healing and success. in DARKNESS we let a successful business coach taste his own medicine; and let his innermost thoughts materialise, keeping pace with the pressure of his job, which grows to increasingly more stressful levels.Skuespiller: Thomas Corneliussen

Actor: Thomas Corneliussen
Director: Tue Biering
Setdesigner: Nicolaj Spangaa
Lightdesign: Andreas Buhl
Sounddesign: Janus Jensen
Music: Maja Romm & Mark Solborg
Ass. Setdesigner: Anja Karottki