An unusually equilibristic number (...) a small comic masterpiece (...) Thomas Corneliussen is an effortless talent.

‘The Game’ is in fact a silent monologue, but Thomas Corneliussen is to be forgiven, for he possesses a inspired, supremely eloquent body language.

A dumb-show-like piece of absurd theatre in which the extremely young actor Thomas Corneliussen, with the aid of the stage director Tue Biering, demonstrates a comic talent approaching that of Tati ... It is amusing, surprisingly elegant, stylistically extremely proficient, almost virtuoso – ready to go out with into the big wide world ... what an accumulation of talent.
Jyllands Posten

Very witty and choreographically virtuoso – the helpless attempts of a clown-like comic figure to manage his own life and its accursed obligations ... Inspired by both Marcel Marceau and Samuel Beckett, he struggles both with and against himself, triumphant at one moment, exhausted the next.



On being obsessed
by a chance assignment that perhaps proves impossible to solve.

A physical, non-verbal performance created in four weeks for a monologue festival at the former Kaleidoskop Theatre about all the various side-stepping manoeuvres one can invent when there is actually an assignment that has to be solved. Taking part in the performance were also a remote-controlled red ball and a moving lamp.

Actor: Thomas Corneliussen

Director: Tue Biering

Setdesigner: Nicolaj Spangaa

Lightdesign: Andreas Buhl

Sounddesign: Janus Jensen

Music: Maja Romm & Mark Solborg