28.2. - 20.3.2004

With such cartoon-like touches and playfully simple effects such as a door that turns into a bathroom, that turns into a life, the stage director, Tue Biering, in dynamic cooperation with Thomas Corneliussen’s comic and physical talent, tells a touchingly funny life-story... And it is told with an unheard-of sense of timing, right down to the smallest detail and with a presence that gives a lift to even the most banal everyday problems (...) What the performance actually points to as a strategy for survival is the ability to fill the moment with life. The tall man in the sofa can get an entire love drama to materialise merely by placing a flower in a pot next to him.

The trio Thomas L. Corneliussen, Tue Biering and Nicolai Spangaa have once again created brilliant, expressive theatre. The ‘Love’ monologue at Kaleidoskop is a virtuoso juggling with well-known material... in Tue Biering’s precisely pulsating stage direction (...) the familiar material develops into a virtuoso and constantly surprising theatrical fantasy...

We know him well, Daniel – know him from innumerable books and films about lonely young men who drag on a miserable existence with a trashy job, live in a real hole and spend all their evening with the TV remote control in their hand, and have a lonely dream of a little love in their hearts. But his story has never before been seen in such an artistic, physical, inventive and anarchistically exuberant fashion.
Kulturnyt, DR P2

A magical monologue about loneliness and love. The age of (theatre) miracles is not past. A visually impressive – almost magical – scenography. Via sound and projections the functional flat is transformed into a crowded noisy bus, and then suddenly into the man’s workplace with the irritating boss. And it is illustrated so clearly and precisely that we are never in doubt as to where we find ourselves in Daniel’s soul-destroyingly humdrum everyday life.


Can love break through
the lonely surface of consumer society?

Daniel is in his early thirties. He has bad family relations. He is single and lives alone in a single-room flat. In the evening, he eats ready-made dishes in his elegant designer sofa while watching TV and getting lost in reverie.
During the day, Daniel takes care of his trashy job as a walking billboard, dressed up in a large chicken costume. His boss is unreasonable, but Daniel doesn’t dare stand up to him.

When Daniel, after a humiliating day at work, comes home with bus no. 9, which he hates nearly as much as his boss, he is scared stiff he will run into his overweight neighbour May-Britta.
But today a young woman moves in up on the ninth floor, and when Daniel accidentally kills his boss’s dog, his dull, lonely and loveless life is turned upside-down.

Actor: Thomas Corneliussen

Director: Tue Biering

Setdesigner: Nicolaj Spangaa

Lightdesign: Andreas Buhl

Sounddesign: Janus Jensen

Music: Maja Romm & Mark Solborg
Co design flower: Palle Steen Christensen
Props: Rikke Lange
Productionmanager: Andreas Buhl
Stagemanager: Morten Riis Sørensen
Stagetechnician: Morten Kolbak
Administration: Morten Lydal
Dramaturg/Information: Nicole Langkilde
PR: Aino Skjellerup, Charlotte Fjordvald
Producer: Mette Hvid Davidsen
Theatre Director: Martin Tulinius