19.08. - 09.09.2006

A five-star popular science lecture. Flying Pigs have yet again created an inventive and talented pleasurable performance for a large audience.

A seductive one-man performance. Brimful of well-played irony and gallows humour. The scoop is the skewed comparison between extinct planets and our own little emptiness, and then the points are made as one zipping surprise after the other behind a facade of facts.

Ingeniously entertaining and a satirical solo performance (…) marvellously entertaining juggling with the medium of theatre – a lively, refreshing start to the theatrical season.

Amusing, unusual and original, as is also the mixture of stand-up, clowning, parody and a completely virtuoso use of lighting and sound. Great, talented theatre to open the Copenhagen season with.
Jyllands Posten

At least four stars for Corneliussen. A boundless satire on our great, complex computations regarding millions of years of ignorance, crowned by the (...) relatively just as great ignorance of the present day. Staged with great ingenuity.


MARS starts where the rest of us switch off Discovery and think: That was really fascinating.

Down through history, man has repeatedly attempt to reach Mars, with greater or lesser success. One has to bear in mind that we are dealing here with precision launches towards a moving target over vast distances. When Mars is closest to Earth it is 56 million kilometres away, so it’s not all that easy to hit the small red planet.

MARS has to do with man’s great fascination with Earth’s closest relation, the planet Mars, and our obsession with the big question: ‘Is there live elsewhere in the universe, or are we really alone?’

What is life all about? And if there are intelligent beings out there, what message are we to send to them? Will they even listen to us? Are they peaceful? What common features is it likely that we share with them?

With the planet Mars as a gigantic mirror, MARS is a kaleidoscopic tour de force portrait of the human species and the way we treat life on our own planet, Earth.Skuespiller: Thomas Corneliussen

Instruktør: Tue Biering
Scenograf: Nicolaj Spangaa
Lysdesign: Andreas Buhl
Lyddesign: Janus Jensen
Komponister: Maja Romm & Mark Solborg